2K video, 16:9, 18:00 min, color, sound

When you dream of realizing your potential, do you dream of pouring it out, spooning it out, scraping it out, or rather spreading it out like a folded blanket?

I have a rich inner life and run a profitable inner mining operation.

The conflict is: wanting to be permeable and having to swallow.

Feel What You’re Feeling explores the intersections of dance practice with neoliberal concepts of self and labor, and speculates how our artistic language can change when ideas of growth, innovation, singularity, and transcending one’s limits are challenged. Seemingly instinctively, we reinterpret every failure into an opportunity, paradoxically making room for what we find pleasurable about capitalism: How to say goodbye to something that (also) benefits, enlivens, and favors us?

Feel What You’re Feeling is based on texts and choreographic material from the piece A voice of A generation (2022) by Artmann&Duvoisin, reworked and restaged for video.

directed by: Ale Bachlechner, Elsa Artmann, Samuel Duvoisin
dance / choreography: Elsa Artmann, Samuel Duvoisin, Anne-Lene Nöldner, Diana Treder, Ophelia Young
director of photography: Marie Zahir
sound recording / gaffer: Martin Paret
location manager: Matthias Conrady
music: Annie Bloch, Jonathan Kastl
editing: Ale Bachlechner
color grading / sound mixing: Jonathan Kastl
title design: Mario Frank
set photography: Alexandra Nikitina

lanuage: German, English
subtitles: German, English

shown at:
69. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (special mention)
FuoriFormato, Genova (IT) (Award for Best Choreography)