6. February 2019

studio hallo

People say: “When something like STUDIO HALLO pops up, it can come as a shock or as some kind of wake-up call. Or it can be a scene of sheer pleasure – an unnamed condensation of thought and feeling. Or an alibi for all the violence, inequality and social insanity folded into the open disguise […]

17. February 2017

this is not a competition

This is not a competition. This is the most important part. Whatever you imagine a good performance to be, is not what this is about. Many people suffer from the delusional burden of feeling responsible for their successes and failures. Are you one of them? We might be able to help you. Get your appointment […]

14. February 2017

saturn return

SATURN RETURN (HD video / DCP, 16:9, color, 15min, 2014) with Olivia Platzer SATURN RETURN is an experimental self-help video. Two women give advise on how to navigate the existential crisis at the end of your twenties, that is brought upon you by a specific cosmic constellation. After 29,5 years Saturn returns to the position […]

13. February 2017

twelve roses

TWELVE ROSES (performance for two participants, length ~8 min,  Beirut, Lebanon, 2013) with Benjamin Ramírez Pérez and Stefan Ramírez Pérez Within the framework of X Apartments Beirut, curated by Matthias Lilienthal, Twelve Roses was developed as series of site-specific performances for two audience members, with one of the visitors being asked to record an impromptu dating video with […]

24. January 2017

future sailors

with Olivia Platzer (performance with live camera, 10min, 2017) you can talk yourself into almost everything, fool yourself, make yourself believe, or make yourself believe, that you’re not fooling yourself future sailors future sailors we’re future sailors (oh yeah) future sailors white girls, straight girls, tell me what you dream of future, future oh yeah […]

17. January 2017

don’t we all

lecture performance (18 min, live-cam, teleprompter) Just to let you know, before I start: I am here as the cover band and will more or less play the greatest hits. You will quickly realize, you’ve heard it all before, but that is exactly the beauty of it. Repetition and routine can make you feel at […]

17. January 2017

twelve roses (video archive)

video installation, 2013. 12 VHS tapes (4:3, color, stereo, 30 min. each), TV/VHS-Player, catalogue, seats, carpet, curtains. with Benjamin Ramírez Pérez and Stefan Ramírez Pérez „Hello Darling. And welcome to Twelve Roses Dating Agency. I‘m glad you took the first step, now the hard part is over. Make yourself comfortable.You can just sit back and […]