DON’T WE ALL (2017)
lecture performance, 18 min, live-cam, teleprompter

Just to let you know, before I start: I am here as the cover band and will more or less play the greatest hits. You will quickly realize, you’ve heard it all before, but that is exactly the beauty of it. Repetition and routine can make you feel at home. Repetition and routine can make you feel at home. Repetition and routine can make you feel …

Boredom also means safety. If you’re bored you are most likely not in danger. Or at least still blissfully unaware of it. Remember we are all in this together. If you recognize any of my material, even if you recognize any of my material as your own, you are welcome to sing along.

(smile, have a sip of water)

Don’t we all? I ask you and already you feel forgiven. Whatever it is, it is ok, because you are not the only one. I invite you to become part of something bigger. By saying: Don’t we all? I promise generosity and non-judgement. It is horrible to be all alone with what you think, how you see the world and how you individually struggle to make sense of it.Join the club, I say. I’ve been there. I had that problem too, I feel insecure about x, I have this or that weakness, don’t we all? People like us know what I am talking about. Don’t worry it’s normal.


So sometimes, when I am on a bus or a train I try to figure out to what extent my life is similar to that of the other passengers. I try to come up with a percentage. 23% overlap, 55% overlap. The trouble of course is, that I don’t have a fixed set of parameters that are considered. Do I mean their daily schedule, occupation, private life, living arrangements, nutrition? That and the fact that I don’t know them at all and judge them solely by appearance keep my survey vague at best (…)

shown at
symposium “Situating The Everyday. Interdisziplinäre Erforschung von Alltag” at Labor für Kunst und Forschung, University Cologne (Feb. 3rd 2017)
Mic Drop Lecture Performance Festival Innsbruck (March 24th-26th 2017)