4. August 2021

just want you to be

JUST WANT YOU TO BE (2021) HD video, 15:52 min, color, sound “The promise of happiness acquires an even more powerful hold in times of crisis.” Ale Bachlechner collages the idiosyncratic archive of her personal mobile phone videos to connect individual moments of ordinary affect (driving with granny, teenagers at a fun ride, petting a […]

14. October 2020

like you really mean it

LIKE YOU REALLY MEAN IT (2020) 4K video, 12:45 min, color, sound Three characters – the Workshop Leader, the Tracksuit and the Naked Ape – find themselves unexpectedly in a workshop in the middle of Death Valley. They are trying their best to give each other advice, but are mostly limited to repeating what they […]

6. February 2019

studio hallo

STUDIO HALLO (2018) 4 part video series, HD, color, sound all episodes at www.studiohallo.de People say: “When something like STUDIO HALLO pops up, it can come as a shock or as some kind of wake-up call. Or it can be a scene of sheer pleasure – an unnamed condensation of thought and feeling. Or an […]

17. February 2017

this is not a competition

THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION (2016) participatory performance installation THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION (2016) HD video, 9 min, color, sound THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION (personal performance records) (2016) SD video, 24 min, color, sound This is not a competition. This is the most important part. Whatever you imagine a good performance to be, […]

14. February 2017

saturn return

SATURN RETURN (2014) HD video, 15 min, color, sound SATURN RETURN is an experimental self-help video. Two women give advise on how to navigate the existential crisis at the end of your twenties, that is brought upon you by a specific cosmic constellation. After 29,5 years Saturn returns to the position it had on the […]

17. January 2017

twelve roses (video archive)

TWELVE ROSES (Video Archive) (2013) video installation, 12 VHS tapes (4:3, color, stereo, 30 min. each), TV/VHS-Player, catalogue, seats, carpet, curtains „Hello Darling. And welcome to Twelve Roses Dating Agency. I‘m glad you took the first step, now the hard part is over. Make yourself comfortable.You can just sit back and browse through our extensive […]