24. January 2017

future sailors

FUTURE SAILORS (2017) performance with live camera, 10 min with Olivia Platzer you can talk yourself into almost everything, fool yourself, make yourself believe, or make yourself believe, that you’re not fooling yourself future sailors future sailors we’re future sailors (oh yeah) future sailors white girls, straight girls, tell me what you dream of future, […]

17. January 2017

twelve roses (video archive)

TWELVE ROSES (Video Archive) (2013) video installation, 12 VHS tapes (4:3, color, stereo, 30 min. each), TV/VHS-Player, catalogue, seats, carpet, curtains „Hello Darling. And welcome to Twelve Roses Dating Agency. I‘m glad you took the first step, now the hard part is over. Make yourself comfortable.You can just sit back and browse through our extensive […]